Mo Urban and Amber Frame presents “Get to the Point”, a power point comedy experience – March 28th

Date: March 28th

Time: 8pm

Tucson Comedian Mo Urban and Amber Frame presents “Get to the Point”, a power
point comedy experience.  Mo is a great comedian and her powerpoint a crack up! Come check it out

About MO: Mo Urban has been described as silly and energetic on stage. She uses a lot of her introspectiveness in her stand-up and is relatable with her self-discovery. Mo does not mind laughing at herself and loves to make people feel ok with laughing at themselves. Mo has produced many shows all over Tucson and other parts of Arizona. She produces and hosts the all-female identified show C*nts Being C*nts Talking About C*nts alongside the hilarious Steena Salido. Mo also produces and hosts a monthly show at BlackRock Brewery and is involved with production for The Big Pine Comedy Festival and Bird City Comedy Festival. Come check her out and maybe you can learn to laugh at yourself if you haven’t already.

Amber Frame is a lifelong artist who in recent years took her self-expression off of the canvas and onto the stage.  She got her start in performing with the long-running stage show “Female Storytellers (FST!)” and quickly made a name for herself in Tucson’s stand up comedy scene, joining showcases at Comedy at the Wench, Brew Ha-Ha at Borderlands Brewery, and annual benefit shows at Laffs Comedy Cafe.
Her silly and bright humor pokes fun at her hipster sensibilities, the culture shock of an east-coaster living in Arizona, and the joys and pitfalls of starting over in your thirties.Brad, please put this information up as a co-producer on December 7th at The O with Mo Urban for The C*unt Show

*All comedy shows and Events have a two drink per person minimum. Thank you!

karaoke in tucson

Karaoke with Comedians

After the comedy show you are invited to remain at the Oracle2000 and sing Karaoke with the comedians. This is so much fun you’ve got to try this out.

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